Thursday, March 11, 2010

What i want ???

make a special studio art at home like this!!!!!


already found this one!!!
and its amazing....argh!!!
can't wait making those beautifull things

It's all about CRAFTY THINGS!!!!

latest news

Finally, approved in Business Services Departement...
so, in this 5 months, am gonna learn about CSR!!!
Yaiy!!!! CSR again!!!
am just so happy, that means

Work with passion and heart....:) gonna plan a lotta things, begin from professional life, daily habit, hobbies, future and....I'v been thinking about making an commercial artsy project, hope it can goes well
uh-oh, intimidating chase!!!

Truly madly deeply missing my friends....

Putri, Icut, Dian,Erdi, Juju, Megan, Honhon, Reza, Ms.Nova...

and miss Daddy Harlan so muuuucchh *psssttt...miss to share kinda business and management things!!!*

Be happy everybody

seeking for some artsy fest

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