Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't even Say am Fallin In Love!

It's late and I'm feeling so tiredHaving trouble sleeping.
This constant compromise
Between thinking and breathing.
Could it be I'm suffering
Because I'm never give in?
Won't say that I'm falling in love
Tell me I don't seem myself
Couldn't I blame something else?
Just don't say I'm falling in love
Some kind of therapy
Is all I need
Please believe me
Some instant remedy
That can cure me completely
Could it be that I'm suffering
Because I'll never give in?
Won't say that I'm falling in love
Tell me I don't seem myself
Couldn't I blame something else?
Just don't say I'm falling in love'cause
I've been there before and it's not enough
So nobody say it
Don't even say it
I ve got my eyes shut
Won't look, ohNo,
I'm not in love
Could it be I'm suffering
Because I'll never give in?
I'm falling love
Tell me I don't seem myself good enough for something else
Just don't say I'm falling in love
Falling in love
Just don't say I'm falling in love

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...Nice Guy and 'Nice Guy' analysis =D

At a party: Let’s say a woman has had a few too many bevvies, her friends have gone and she does not have enough for a taxi.

A nice guy will: offer a lift or some cash if he can, but if she refuses, won't mention it again. He may ask a mutual friend the next day to check up on her and will leave it at that.

'Nice Guy' will: hand her a tenner for the taxi 'only as long as you meet me for drinks next week’. Or he’ll share the taxi, saying he lives in the same direction, and try to get out at hers.

At work: You’re thrown together on a work project with a single woman who is new to the job.

A nice guy will: be helpful and professional. He might get round to asking for her number at some point in a strictly social setting, but in general, if he fancies her, she’ll be the last to know. If he comments on her appearance at all, it is to helpfully advise that there is still a drop of toothpaste on her cheek right before that important meeting.

'Nice Guy' will: always comment on what she is wearing. Especially if some element of it stinks of the walk of shame (wearing yesterday's clothes, or keeping a change of shoes in her desk). As with the party situation, help on the job will only be given once she agrees to some non-work-related outing. He may propose ‘talking about this over drinks’.

In early conversations: Once you’ve established something in common, you have officially entered the getting-to-know-you period of friendship. Rapport with the woman begins to build.

A nice guy will: tell her interesting things about himself, or be interested in the more unusual aspects of her personality.

'Nice Guy' will: steer the conversation towards relationships. Either hers (the better to put her in a vulnerable position) or his (the better to elicit sympathy).

On a date: Hey, we all have to go out sometime, am I right?

A nice guy will: take her home at a reasonable hour, may kiss her when they part, but will never push beyond the speed at which she is willing to go.

'Nice Guy' will: be 'so caught up' in talking to her that he 'accidentally missed the last bus'. Then will angle for an invitation to sleep on her sofa.

In a relationship: So you’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Now the real challenges arise.

A nice guy will: come around to realising his feelings for her slowly. He values her and doesn't want to mess this up. He wants to know more about her tastes and habits, likes and dislikes before falling in love. Treats her the same in public as he does in private.

'Nice Guy' will: come on strong, move quickly, and throw blame at her if she gets cold feet. He'll jump straight to the L-word, often without knowing much more about her than surface qualities. Is considerably nicer to her when he knows others are watching.

Giving gifts: Whether a holiday or a birthday, ’tis better to both give and receive. Or so you might believe…

A nice guy will: give her something he has observed she likes or needs – or he will ask what she wants. Will not push for more acknowledgment for a gift, nor more in return, than she finds acceptable.

'Nice Guy' will: buy something showy whether she likes it or not. Demands profuse acknowledgment and a token equal in value to what he spent. Preferably straightaway.

When rejected: Yes, the road to true love never did run smooth. Ah well. Sometimes parting ways is best for all involved.

A nice guy will: keep any hurt feelings to himself, but probably avoid her in future. If other people know what happened and it comes up in conversation, he will change the subject.

'Nice Guy' will: get a few insults in on the way out the door, ‘I always fancied your friend Emma anyway!' Will phone everyone she knows after, to ensure his version of events is spread around first.

*Taking from Belle de Jour
That's all made me laugh! LOL

Sunday, April 25, 2010

...23rd anniversary, Surprisseeeee....


I'am 23rd, now...

*But when I was walking on the street, they though that I'am a student...a senior high school student or even junior high school...=(


somebody has melt me down...*again*

u know who...?




Already found this lovely CD in my bag while am home lastnight, off course with red ribbon on it, then got this notes, uhuuuu... sooo sweeet!!!

a million Thank's, Brother...

well, this's my toy lately, already finished "The Devil Wears Prada" and begin to read "Belle de Jour".

Uhuuu....I thought,
Being 23rd would be hard...

I still got long road to walk

Thursday, April 22, 2010

...For my Lovely Mom...

Once, I've remember my Mom, and realized that this song above is one of her favourite.
Remembering her, its made me though.


Well, I've been passed the hardest moment. Why don't I keep struggling ?
These little things supposed to not make down =)
I believe it, everything's gonna better
I can solve all the problems, sure I do...!

I should it speak up!

p.s : When are you coming home??
I need you to be here...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...Laporan Untuk Kartini...

Well, today, I'll write down my post in indonesian, it's just because I really wants to express something about my country...
Today April 21, is Kartini Day-one of Indonesian Woman Figure who strive for woman emansipation. I really adore her, yea..I mean, I really adore to Amelia Earheart, Lady Diana, Madam Cury, Elizabeth Queen 1, Maria Magdalena, or even Kunti in Mahabaratha Story, I also have many of Indonesian Woman Figure who has contribute a lot of things for this country.
Let say, Cut Nyak Dien, Christina Martha T, and even the wifes of First President Fatmawati (or Rachmawati, I forgot, hahahaha....
But one things that I have noticed, all those super woman have give a change and cotributed something for the future.

Seandainya saya bisa melapor pada Kartini,

Masih banyak perempuan Indonesia yang belum 'Merdeka' dan membiarkan diri mereka 'Tidak Merdeka'

Apa dia masih akan berjuang ?

Mungkin, kadang dia akan merasa malas juga melihat kenyataannya...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Romantic Purple...

Already got the original version from The MILO
Mmmm...I always like this song!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 wants Vancouver City...

My kind of Hope *sigh*

...a must have item to read!

Well, am looking for this book, for my birthday gift, anyone???
I always like Yann Martell, he such a genious author, super!!!
Have you read "Life of Pi"?

Monday, April 12, 2010

...creative people and it's nerd...

Source : Investor Daily, 13th April 2010
So, the geek's or nerd's isn't always bad...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

...while those silly things came...

I just can smile while my head was full of bad things...
thank you

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jewelry Making Equipment

A couple weeks ago, I've bought a set of pliers which has many functions depends on it's form. Well, there's no guide about what's the function each....
I found these article, then now, I know how to use it...

Round nosed pliers

Round-nosed pliers, as the name suggests, have a nose that is rounded and tapered, basically cone-shaped. They are most often used by jewelry designers when forming and fabricating metal wire.

How To Use ?
Primarily, round-nosed pliers are used to curl, coil, and shape wire into loops and circles. You can either grasp the wire with the round-nose of the pliers and curl it, or you can grasp the wire in the same way but use your fingers to wrap it around the nose of the pliers. Either way, because the pliers have a rounded nose, this makes the wire round as well.
To make small loops, use the narrower part of the nose, and work your way down the nose of the pliers to make larger and larger loops.

Wire Cutter
Wire cutters are hand-tools used to cut wire such as sterling silver, copper, and gold-filled. The blade of the cutters are available in different configurations, including flush cutters, bevel cutters, end cutters.

How To Use It?
Wire cutters are indispensable to jewelry designers who work with wire. There really is no substitute. They are used to cut specific lengths to fabricate various jewelry designs or to trim off excess wire after a piece of wire as been used, such as in a wrapped loop. Flush cut wire cutters are used when you want to get the wire trimmed off as closely (or as flush) as possible to whatever piece of jewelry you are working on so that the end of the wire is as flat as possible rather than pinched or pointed a little on the end. Bezel cutters leave a larger pinch or point on the end of the wire. End cutters will cut the end of a wire closely, but they are limited as far as use since they are only able to trim off wire that is fairly short.

also, I've planned to make

Can't wait to play with my pliers....:) :)

...well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech


It's been so loooooongg....I'v never ever been wrote anymore. Yea...this's just part of my luck, I can access the internet here at my office. Well, facebook is forbidden, but YES! Blogging is such a heaven for me...that's enough.

Well, please notice the quote above on my Title...actually it's a quote written by famous person, but I've unnoticed who precisely he is, hehe...

Actually, I definitely realize that I'm such a 'silence' person,taciturn, I always have a lot of things to be considered when I want to talk or speak up. But, now I realize how silence could be dangerous for your career and social life.

My tone's also low, people said they could'nt hear my voice when I was speaking. I've googling, this kind of habit could be a lil dangerous, because tone's portray the bend down. hmmm...well, I now know that!

So, the important point that I have to be achieved in this current time is, control my voice, so it'll sounds louder, hahahahaha....

Anyway, I have so many things to be share...muuuuuucccchhhh things...
But, its time for me to go home...then I'll talk to you later. I'll just give you some highlights :P

  1. I'm practicing JEWELRY, yes! I bought a set of pliers to making jewelry....and I've produce many of them. Let I show later :)
  2. I've so many probs' here with my new job. I just want to share you something about the things, or behavior u should'nt showed when someday u'd be boss...
  3. Doodling...hmmm...actually, there's not much doodling, cause this job is very time-consuming.
  4. Then....well, I've got my love???hahahahaha...

Okay, see you later, I'll meet my bestfriend, Trista this night...:)

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