Monday, September 24, 2012

...Baked Macaroni, order please email...:)


this's funny, how I love cooking, now
Feels, I dont even know kind of spice and so on...
now, I've been cooking almost every weekend

this's my new thing
Baked Macaroni, made by order
and msg free...without any preserfatives
Baked Macaroni actually found at Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
some people say, its ttaste is plain...
now, Baked Macaroni offered from Bandung

pls see simple ad below...
order, dont forget to email me

Thank you,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

...white and green outfit

went to karinaintan's wedding and put those green outfit matched with plain blouse and nude-chunky heels..
inspired by Korean traditional costume

btw, I love those Antyk Butik necklace
green rope with black acrylic...:)

...his second birthday

so happy celebrating his birthday, with a long distance condition
this was the second celebration with me..

well, cake delivery is my best that I could did, to create small happiness for the birthday boy...

Happy Birthday, my B...:)

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