Sunday, January 29, 2012

...our moments...(narcism part)

my friend, @dhani_bean came by
and have a long holiday in Bali

here are I capture our moments...happiest moment!!!

...current sketches | alotta things

Sketch at La Planca, Seminyak :)

Sketcth Refdi & Fandi at Amed lastweek...

Sketch I Gede Alit Antara, at Dunkin Doughnut Teuku Umar, meeting with Dani's Friend

@indira_syela & @dhani_bean at Ubud

New hairstyle,@sekarara

Pak Senti at Plant, Mengwi

Me & @bicomaxtrada on the day he asked me to be his girlfriend, I love that moment :)

it supposed to be 3rd September 2011 :)

...Bali's Big Eco Weekend, huaaaawww

already got this video from our partner Quiksilver :)
we already conduct a pilot project Bali's Big Eco Weekend last year held on July
it's gonna be an annual event which will draining our energy soooo muccchhhh...
yeah, hell, men...

Bali's Big Eco Weekend & King of the Groms 2011 from QUIKSILVER INDONESIA on Vimeo.

enjoy our another portfolio

Saturday, January 28, 2012

...Ubud today narcism with friends

narcism at Ubud today...:)

Friday, January 27, 2012

...bahahahaha...found this stuff from AlamTV

Saturday, January 21, 2012

..current sketches | crazy over watercolour :D


*christo sampe nungging2

@aya_herya coloured by Christo in watercolour

crazy in colouring my first image

at dr.mart, Dewi Sri Street now
see you in another sketch post

am having orgasm with watercolour now

Friday, January 20, 2012 and #mysketch'es

dozens of sketches, hmmm yummy...
captured from iPad, @indira_syela


...current sketches | Takke, Rara&Bruce, Sleep&Brain, Sherlock Holmes, Andezmasyri,

I feel so productive on last weekend :)

taken at Takke Japanese Resto, like those sushi stuff

our sushi, eat and eat...

sekarara and bruce

if i could put off my brain to fall asleep, I'll do it!

sherlock holmes wanna be

this's andezmasyri, my boy-friend


Thursday, January 19, 2012 my dream : my future dining room

placed side of the window

always like those situation and condition :)

I'll spend most of my day by sitting here, doodling or write some story
hopefully,someday would have this kind of things in my own home

Friday, January 13, 2012

...comercialism on waste dumptruck at Landfill *sigh!

well, my company has many project on how we keep our Bali Beaches Clean and Waste thingy...
Every single day, we operated about 3 unit waste trucks that collected the waste from 5 beaches starting from Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Jimbaran and Kedonganan. They brought the waste collected from the beaches to local landfill near my office at Suwung (Kuta).

To dump the waste, they are using escavator and we need to pay about 5K for once dumping process. I've a it feel so down while heard this things while they inrease the payment from 5k to 20k,it is even incresed more than 100% WTF!

I don't know what's on they mind by increasing this payment. Hey! anybody here are so striving to solve the waste problem, companies and government has been doing much things and this part of government is comercialized this waste dumping process...

they should think! for sure

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...this's not the right time to take an occasion in Bali

I visited the beaches this morning, chekcking for the waste and seeing the condition of the impact of west wind season

well, for you who loves Bali that much
I reccomend to be aware of particular time/season when you have a plan to take holiday in Bali.

Much people came mostly on July and December, to celebrate New Year Eve or school holiday, but I'll let you know the best time without being distracted by storm (yes! storm) or waste (it became the most popular issue in Bali, currently).

Please, please please...not to come on early year
you could not expect the beautifull Bali from January 'till April. It's West Wind season here during that months. The Season where you could find waste anywhere at the Beach and off course storm and rain. It's hard to go anywhere, it's raining most of the day.

In West Wind season,the wind brought the waste much from Java/Ocean...
It's one of disaster here, beach look like a waste wall, the beaches are not beautifull.

here I took some images of today's checking at Seminyak and Legian Beach, so sad seeing this condition, but it's actually natural

If you want to have beautiful holiday in Bali, you could come on June, July where the sun shines very nice, the beaches're could see the turtles laid their eggs and come over the beach...:)
August, Sept and October would be great...but raining season fall from December..


Sunday, January 08, 2012

...current sketches | Ellie Goulding, Sekar Rara & Christo :)

my current sketches from yesterday and lastnight activities...
we were in Chat Cafe last night (me and @sekarara), wi fi-ing...
nice and speed internet access, haha

Ellie Goulding, using Marker

Sekar Rara at Chat Cafe, Seminyak

Johannes Panji Christo
made by order, hahahaha...using pencil

I need to buy another Ecco Pigment, mine was empty..:)

..why resolutions??

short term plan like we always said "New Year Resolution" is the way we express our short term needs and want. Some people said, why you should set a new year resolution if that plans could be executed right don't have to wait for next year or new year to do that...
for instance, i would stop smoking for next year resolutions...if you want to stop it, you could do it right now, by the time you say it...

Yap...I called New Year Resolutions as my short term plan...instead of 'the real' resolution

Then how about The long term plan?
Its not resolutions, its your pathway, guidelines, philosophy, its all would guide you to the whole and main objective.

Financial Saving could be categorized as long term plan instead of new year resolutions, it will bring you to the long term objectives and sustainable lifestyle, for example...

so, in my mind...that's wrong if people say you don't have to set New Year should..make some of short term plan that could be hatched for a year...but don't forget to set your long term plan as well as your life guideline that would set your life, career and barrier.



anyway, there had been raining all day long in Bali (today), pouring rain had been never stop since last night...scary...
God Safe The World..lets pray for all and our prosperity...

...neither me, nor love...passionate in loving #randomthoughts

its about passion, passion in loving :)
silly but this's spin around my mind currently...

Passion is something that you do with happiness, the things you like without any burden, no body ask you to do that but by doing this, you'd feel happy...
Same as while you love somebody, you like her/him, then by have any passion on her/him without any burden...

Passion in loving is about you want to know more about him/her
Passionate to always make her/him smile
Passionate to always want to know what's she/he doing right now
Passionate to always want to protect her/him
Passionate to always make her/him happy
Passionate to always adapt to her/his way of life and point of view (this's one of the hardest part)
Passionate to always accept her/him just the way they are and let them be their selves
Passionate to always talk to them, hear their voices and what is her/his passion

Do you ever passionate to somebody like things above?
probably there will be moreeee and more things should be put on those list, about the things you will be passionate on

The same as I passionate to write and sketch...
the same as you passionate on engineering thingy

*just random thoughts

...current playlist..

I love so many kind of music, especially classical, jazz and electric pop and new age as well, where musician playing their music materials, absurd and so many unique sounds...

I adore to Ellie Goulding
you could call her a song writer. Genre : electropop, indiepop..those kinda stuff
his voice is awesome, and the music could bring you dance...:)

I was in love with her in my blue moment, when I broke up with my ex..I listen to her song " This Love", a bit touchy *lebay*

Find her at her website and enjoy her songs

Thursday, January 05, 2012

...weekender | Current Sketches :)

ola, ladies and gentlement...
below is my current sketches in this past 2 days...

all without any digital editing, original scanned from my sketch book

enjoy! :)

above is doodling from National Geography

Doodling at the beach, on the last day 2011, with Christo, I sketched 2 foreigner seeing the beach from the cafe :) not look that good, have not edited yet

hahahaha...this was my monthly anniversary with @bicomaxtrada, have tried to be a bit romantic lately, but yea....he's kinda ignorance...well I don't mean to tell you his negative side...being an ignorance is human, its acceptable :) He was busy all day long in that day (and every single day, hahaha) focusing on his project...well, such an ignorance too, 2 years ago.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012 I missed to hear Daniel Sahuleka's

I adore to his song...
could somebody singing this song for me

Daniel Sahuleka - I adore you


Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Everything in the past stays in the past


...2012 wishlist and resolutions?

preparing to get standard IELTS Score...min. 6.5*amin* . I really wants to get a scholarship...God Bless Me...I put AMINEF Fullbright or any other shcolarship as my target. I dunno when, but at least I have my IELTS Score...

Singapore for surveying life and job...i have so many plans on 2013...and put Singapore as one of my living destination next year...

I want to bring more happiness for people around me, especially my grandmother...

I want to write moreeee articles and hopefully could publised it on named Newspaper or Magazine...i begin to love to be a freelance writer or illustrator

I have to do more saving, YES! Financial saving...

then...want to spent my next NYE in Korea for 2013

the most important thing year i want to seek another job, a better living and job..:) hopefully could get Singapore as the place for working and living in 2013...

not much...?

have no special wishes for it, just let it flow...:) I want to love him more and more day by day...
even we just meet once in 40 days or more

enjoy your day,
cheers :)

Monday, January 02, 2012 new year eve 2012 : another Fireworks hunting at Seminyak Beach

such a so last year post...
Have passed my NYE with Christo at Seminyak Beach this year...with another Fireworks and the crowded of Bali...
well, this's the very first time I passed my NYE in Bali, and was special, yap! special...

Start to leave home at 3 pm with Christo, then went to La Planca, Seminyak for sunset, but unfortunately it was raining, no sunset...fyuh...but I had a fun moment with Christo at (hmm forget the name of the cafe), took a ship of hot tea and Bali Coffee, sketched and photos...

I've a special gift (hmm...I though its a special gift ya, Christo...:)), Christo gave me his Fuji Instax Mini Camera...yaiyyyy!!! 0\(^.^)/0
"Its better to give it, instead of staying in my dry box", he said
Thank you so muuuuccchhh, Chrisstoooo...I've been craving for those stuff since a long...

then had a dine in Warung Italia, heard what's Christo said "seriously its cheap!", bahahahaha...
that was the first time he visit Warung Italia.
We have spinach lasagna (and Christo really like it, he add 3 more, hahaha), strogannoff as my faveeee and potatoes and melanzanie...:)
then went to Seminyak Beach...had walking from Seminyak to Legian and Kuta, just want to see the crowd, then get back to Seminyak and had a wonderfull chitchat with Christo...
We had been talking for about more than an hour, talked about our resolutions and love life, ahaha..a lot of uniqnes among us and I've been amaze of his choice to stay in Bali as his homebase, hmm...
We made some resolutions and had reviewed our resolutions in 2011

I have such a great NYE...
On 12 am...Christo captured some objects, people with lampions and fireworks...its all amazing!
Thank you so much Christo...*hug Christo*

you could find Christo's Profile on his website
He has a lotta portfolios and great achievements in Photography, adventurous!
*his life perspective and experience was soo amazing as well...

That's Christo, hahaha...:p

here are some photos,Christo has moooree better and great objects and we going to pick some to print out.

Have a great time in 2012...

Fuji Instax Mini from Christo

Sketch by Christo (left) and me (right)

captured by Christo :)

Christo by me

Cheers! :*

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