Friday, December 31, 2010

..Happy New Yeaaaaaarrrr!!!!

As other blogger will post.
It's all about new year..


so much memories, so much fun and happiness
2010 is the beginning of my journey, I confess, there're so much adventure
begin from

Work for Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia as Management Trainee...
Experience to develop CSR Project
Living in Surabaya, even for just 2 months,
Having a boyfriend *hahahaaha*-- our first date was in Uluwatu (yeah, I claimed)
Exploring Bali, East Java including Bromo-the place I really wished to explore
Having more...more great friends...specially, my Corporate Affairs team...:)
Having many new bestfriends *how blessed me*
Begin to practice tennis and begin to love sport, *my boyfie was really encourage me in gym*
Graduated from Graduate Trainee as CSR Coordinator

What can I say...
it's all compliment


I should say that year by year, it's hard to deal with reality, and year by's a lil bit hard to list the resolution.
I should look the other resolution to write mine...:)

One thing that I should commit is DISCIPLINE...

Discipline to take care of my self
Discipline in wake up early in the morning :)
Discipline to have me time...
Discipline to achieve all the target...
Discipline in buying something, am such an impulsive buyer..

I'll keep practicing tennis anyway, because I have so much fun there
and so I will continue to discipline in doing gym...everyday!! or at least 3 - 4 times a week

I should buy Harry Potter's 6th and 7th *embarrassing, I even have not both of last book!"
I should buy Twilight and Breaking Dawn *jihihihihi*

I want to buy kind of jewelry for my lovely Granny
I want to buy kind of watch for my brother and probably drum stick

I want to be more responsible to my family, my Grandparents - about how to make them happy
and provide all things needed for my younger brother.

My self???

I need to practice English more and more, probably IELTS practice will be needed

actually, I want to get chance into Non Profit Organization such as United Nation or AUSAID.

I should buy a new brand of Notebook and Mp3...hehe
Trading Practice...

I want to go tooooo...Jogja, Lampung, Lombok, then...Vietnaaammm...*I wish*

My love life?

I just want to keep this relationship better until next year, next and next....

That's all
not much, huh?!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a clothing industries

Since working with Quiksilver, my work here has been full by T-Shirt Stuff, design and quantity checking. I don’t think this’d CSR at all; everything has been start confusing since its business.

Today I put all the t-shirt received last week, arrange it on our shelves in Corp. Affairs Room, It feels like am working for clothing industries. Well, just lesson learned to manage wardrobe, huh.

The T-Shirt Project

Then, am not really enjoy my last weekend, except while I was accompanying Megan-my friends, he dropped me to my favorite bookstore, meanwhile he went to the doctor near the building. Haiaahh…I’ve been a couple hours there, and found some interesting books…truly wants to have it all, 

Bok Boss, my favourite bookstore,

Located in Dago Plaza, Bandung

I want to have it all...

Then I met my lecture, Ms. Nova, spent Saturday night together and talked about marriage and her wedding. She will married next year, so happy being a part of the team to organize her wedding. Hehehe…I have to learn how to prepare it, hehehe. Also met Ms. Nova’s brother who just already has a kid, a daughter, wiiiii….a cute baby…

Congratualtion LL...:)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's been a long

It's been a long I've never been update, okay, am kinda bad blogger.

thousand things happened...
thousand miracles has been came...
thousand beauty around my life...
thousand happiness...
a piece of sadness

I've been so busy, since my counterpart has been leaving for maternity Leave.So glad hearing your friend got a baby, a cute baby...:) *Congratulation, Ayu* And busy with more and more stuff handling the projects
We've been working with Quiksilver in PET Recycling T-Shirt Project which is definitely made me crazy with all the administration things
also, other projects like Coke Farm (which will be my final project to be graduated from this Management Trainee Things.Hopefully it goes well *amin*

I've in Bali,met my boyfriend...
soooo happy, knowing that we may just meet a few days once in 3 months...:(stupid things happened. Mushroom was just made me crazy...Let I tell you, its dangerous consume it while you're alone. I've gibbering and talk stupidly with other people while in beach...

so much things in my head, as usually...
beginning from jobs to future plans
a bit part was frustating, but another slice will be interesting...

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

In Blanco's Art Museum

In Bali Zoo

Handmade Things (Jewelry)

great time with friends

here they are
See ya...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reunion 8 Senior High School

I have attended the reunion on last weekend *18th July 2010*
So glaaaddd, revisited my Senior High School, met my friends, bestiest and so proud knowing there a lot of change, a better change...:)

Sukses 8...!!!

and, here are the photos...

*photos to be continued :)

tik tok tik tok tik tok

We still got 2 months to go for meeting each other *if that possible*

Sooooooo miss him....:)


Dreamland, last May 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What she's been said?

"A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want"
Already got this quote from Diana Rikasari,nice....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Surabaya...oh Surabaya...

My living here enough just for two months...

so sad leaving this town...

:D :D :D

on Boredom Killing Session

well, just reminding my yearly target...


Oh my gosh...:)
God bless me...

Monday, July 12, 2010


I know, how blessfull my life now...
Family who loves me,
a brother who loves me,
many friends who always there while I need them,
a boyfriend who...has many differencies in perception with me :) ,
so we can compliment each other
a job that makes me stressy but happy...
many babies that has to be taking care of
many talent's that has to be contunuously refined and makes me feel alive cause it's challenging
Just want to say alhamdulillah
Pray 5 times a day, is something that I have to do, everyday...

Thank you, Allah

Waiting concept...

Well, I just really really hate waiting...
Waiting is a pretty damn thing that I would avoid in every single step I would go through.
It feels like its going to kill me by waiting :D

As I concern in making program,concept or something...
I hate 'waiting' concept.By waiting, seems like I can't control anything that supposed to be my responsibility. Act first is needed *I've been noticed it for many times, huh?!*

Realizing that am such a person who wants to take full control of my self, I decided to hate waiting. Act first preferably :)


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

...the system that would kill you...

System made for set everythings well
but sometimes, System may kill your idea...
Why don't we set our mind free?

...Hey, Arnoooollllldd!

You dont even know how I loooooooove this movie so much!!!!
I always tune in while I was in Senior High School...waiting for this movie to watch

Arnold the Bubble Head

and also this one...
Inuyasha the Half-Human

Monday, July 05, 2010

...helping people...

Today I listing all the potential particular day during July to December for my presentation.

I was interested to arrange AIDS Day and found the video above from (RED) -an organization that helps AIDS suspected in Africa and surrounding Areas across the world.

While I saw this short movie, I realized about how blessfull my life. I wandering why HIV mostly founded in Africa, its just because there lack of education and health, more free sex not only happened to woman but also animal!!! Yes, sometimes they made out with anymal (Ebola is one of it's impact), rape sad.

The things I'v learned is, I want to start helping a kind of those people. I imagine if I can do something for them.Hmm, may be that's gonna be hard, living in uncomfort place, knowing fact that I really...really love a comfort living, but I though helping could make us feel so 'rich' without being rich.

I have been waiting for the moment and chance while I can give most people some help, even its just a little thing. Helping could begin from the very small start...

well, one thing I noticed from daily live lately, I like cooking, hahahaha....

I'm not good in cooking, but I start love it! I've bought various spices, frozen chicken, tofu and so on, grocery shopping with my BF on last weekend, that's nice :)

Seems like I have to leave this town soon, due to office problems. It could be a good and bad things...

Happy Birthday, Iyoo...


Happy 18th anniversary, Iyooo...

Gud luck and God bless you....

Your Sist
*miss you sooo

Sunday, July 04, 2010

...touching Bromo...

*from left to right
Kadek, Rangga, Intan, Bimo, Andina, Ricky, Brigas and Me
and our yellow jeep, hoho...


Finally took a trip to Bromo, together with bestfriends and....Boyfriend...
Well, I was told him I wanted to go since last year, finally accidentally visited by *with a lil surprise*, and went at Friday night...
We didn't get the sunrise, it was smokey there..:(
But, got a lot more experience by walking and stepped more than 200 rung, huft...

have you ever watch a drama series "Camelia", this's the place where they took many scene here

Beautiful Mount Batok

winter collection, huahahahah

awesome view :)


Next destination would be SEMARANG and Jogja....we'll see...
amin ^^

Sunday, June 27, 2010

...Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation...

Dear Friends,

Talking about Turtles, did you know that Sea turtle populations all over the world have been declining at alarming rates in recent decades. Sea turtles are clearly under threat of extinction due to human activities.

I decided to take a concern on this case and I want you all together to spread this issue to your surrounding area, especially for you who living near the beach where sea turtle live. As I concern to this issue, well, here is I bring you some notes regarding to Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation established by Surrounding Community in Kuta, and Provided by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI)

Who would guess amongst the hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists that work and play at Kuta Beach that sea turtles continue to use this same stretch of sand as their nesting grounds?

Worldwide, six of seven species of sea turtles that swim the world’s oceans are threatened or endangered largely at the hand of humans. Sadly they also face many dangers as they travel the seas from accidental capture, poaching and the loss of nesting sites due to coastal development and beach pollution.

In Bali, the Olive Ridley species in particular, has been coming to the Kuta Beach area for centuries to lay their eggs. While Kuta Beach develops to be the most popular beach on the island, sea turtle populations have been declining for the past 7 years. With so much “un-natural” traffic on the beach, it was carefully decided by ProFauna group that upon finding nesting sites, the eggs should be relocated to a hatchery to improve their chance of survival.

From 2002 to 2009, a few dedicated individuals led by Agung Ngurah Tresna of Kuta Beach security and I Wayan Wiradnyana from ProFauna Indonesia, have been relocating the eggs to a humble hatchery facility, a small concrete sand bunker. As eggs hatch at the end of their two-month incubation period, the baby turtles are returned to the ocean the same day.

Recognizing the efforts above and the need for support, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) has offered a helping hand. Teaming up with Quiksilver, its partner in doing the Bali Beach Clean-Up program, we have built a permanent hatchery facility, the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation or KBSTC. The new construction is expected to help prevent the animals from extinction. In the shape of a giant turtle , the construction is accompanied by information boards to bring awareness of the sea turtles history and future.

“In 2008, 1947 sea turtle eggs have been hatched and the numbers doubled to be 4054 in 2009. Up to May this year we have recorded more than 5000 eggs successfully laid in the KBSTC. This is a fantastic initial result,” said Peter Kelly, President Director of CCAI. “In addition to the Bali Beach Clean-Up program and the KBSTC, we also roll out Water for life program to provide clean water access to severe drought areas in Northern Bali. All these initiatives go hand-in-hand with the objective of the Bali Government to make the resort island an eco-responsible tourist destination,” Peter added.

Paul Hutson, South East Asia Director of Quiksilver shares similar remark about The KBSTC development. “Since mid 2008, CCAI and Quiksilver Indonesia have been active in cleaning major beaches in Bali. We are positive that cleaning beaches is part of encouraging sea turtles to return and nest at Kuta Beach.”

The KBSTC is hoping to release over 12 thousand baby sea turtles by end of 2010. The KBSTC conveniently located at the beachside front of Inna Kuta Beach Hotel and has received support from local Balinese authorities, ProFauna Indonesia and Bali Forestry. The KBSTC is open to the public free of charge to enable everyone to participate and experience the joy of saving these turtles.©

New sea turtle hatchery facility at Kuta Beach presented by CCAI and Quiksilver. With dimension of 6x6 meter square and 1,8 meter in height, the facility will become a sanctuary for sea turtle eggs until they hatch and returned to the wildlife.

Let's protect Sea Turtle...!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

white houses

Amazing when she did those dance...
How comee??

then I remember, I've never been getting my chance in exploring my self on dancing
am bad on it...;(

Monday, June 21, 2010 edition Coca-Cola Packaging...

Just already found these stuff...
Coca-Cola Bottle from Euro 2004 Edition
Very Cute!

...englishman in new york...

keep listening to this song all day long

Sunday, June 20, 2010

those kit....bring me please...

But I want the Batman one, trully Bruce Wyne...;D

Its been a long, never buy some toys again

I begin to love doll...

...a very controversial words for me...:(

If you love somebody

Set them free...

NEW YORK!!!! Argh...

Begin to think of Manhattan...
It's on my list!!

am comiiinnnggg....!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Quarrell occured just because differencies in perception
Actually, there's no wrong and right
Communication is the best way to break it
you think what's the point
you analyze what's the root cause
you re-think the alternative
you talk it with your partners
you all arguing the alternative
you get the same perception
*but it isn't that easy, I know...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...just take me there, puhhleeeasssee...

While I have nothings to do
I do Blogging...
It makes me very happy!!

...the old notes while I've decided to move on and get my way back into love ;)...

I laughed while I was seeing this stuff...

Noted on 14th November 2009, that was the time I decided to open my self in way back into love since a long (enough) time.
Beginning from just the only 'Red Box' with Lenka album inside...he was melt me down...*blushing*

We met about a years ago...
and don't even know that we'd decided to be in love each other...*huex!*
Even it would be hard...
We ignore the difference, our different principal

I still haven't got the answer about
"Do we have to going river flow?"

at least, we could learn about how to appreciate and give the tollerance each other...

people said "Long distance relationship" won't work well
people said a relations with difference won't have a future

But who knows?

I won't know while I never try...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


my boyfriend is in tooooooowwnnn...
woo hoo...!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

R.I.P : Ilman...

8th June 2010

so loooong far away...

Uluwatu, 28th May 2010

It's been so long, I've never update you...

am living in Surabaya, now...Job's stuff, hehe
and I really enjoy of being here, about the environment, people around me, friends, fun stuff..
I consider this's kinda travelling of being here, hope everything goes fine.
I've been in Bali on last May, visiting my boyfriend...haha
I heart Bali...
unfortunately, I couldnt visit Ubud, the very best place I ever wanted to be enjoyed...
I miss my friends soooooo muuuuccchh...


and him....hehe...

over exposure

Tanah Lot, 29th May 2010

I'am happy of being here,

For sure, I haven't found my life here, yet, in Coke World...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dear Gembul,

I miss u

Monday, May 03, 2010

...heart cries...

But I've been so patient,
striving so hard to climb and climb....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't even Say am Fallin In Love!

It's late and I'm feeling so tiredHaving trouble sleeping.
This constant compromise
Between thinking and breathing.
Could it be I'm suffering
Because I'm never give in?
Won't say that I'm falling in love
Tell me I don't seem myself
Couldn't I blame something else?
Just don't say I'm falling in love
Some kind of therapy
Is all I need
Please believe me
Some instant remedy
That can cure me completely
Could it be that I'm suffering
Because I'll never give in?
Won't say that I'm falling in love
Tell me I don't seem myself
Couldn't I blame something else?
Just don't say I'm falling in love'cause
I've been there before and it's not enough
So nobody say it
Don't even say it
I ve got my eyes shut
Won't look, ohNo,
I'm not in love
Could it be I'm suffering
Because I'll never give in?
I'm falling love
Tell me I don't seem myself good enough for something else
Just don't say I'm falling in love
Falling in love
Just don't say I'm falling in love

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...Nice Guy and 'Nice Guy' analysis =D

At a party: Let’s say a woman has had a few too many bevvies, her friends have gone and she does not have enough for a taxi.

A nice guy will: offer a lift or some cash if he can, but if she refuses, won't mention it again. He may ask a mutual friend the next day to check up on her and will leave it at that.

'Nice Guy' will: hand her a tenner for the taxi 'only as long as you meet me for drinks next week’. Or he’ll share the taxi, saying he lives in the same direction, and try to get out at hers.

At work: You’re thrown together on a work project with a single woman who is new to the job.

A nice guy will: be helpful and professional. He might get round to asking for her number at some point in a strictly social setting, but in general, if he fancies her, she’ll be the last to know. If he comments on her appearance at all, it is to helpfully advise that there is still a drop of toothpaste on her cheek right before that important meeting.

'Nice Guy' will: always comment on what she is wearing. Especially if some element of it stinks of the walk of shame (wearing yesterday's clothes, or keeping a change of shoes in her desk). As with the party situation, help on the job will only be given once she agrees to some non-work-related outing. He may propose ‘talking about this over drinks’.

In early conversations: Once you’ve established something in common, you have officially entered the getting-to-know-you period of friendship. Rapport with the woman begins to build.

A nice guy will: tell her interesting things about himself, or be interested in the more unusual aspects of her personality.

'Nice Guy' will: steer the conversation towards relationships. Either hers (the better to put her in a vulnerable position) or his (the better to elicit sympathy).

On a date: Hey, we all have to go out sometime, am I right?

A nice guy will: take her home at a reasonable hour, may kiss her when they part, but will never push beyond the speed at which she is willing to go.

'Nice Guy' will: be 'so caught up' in talking to her that he 'accidentally missed the last bus'. Then will angle for an invitation to sleep on her sofa.

In a relationship: So you’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Now the real challenges arise.

A nice guy will: come around to realising his feelings for her slowly. He values her and doesn't want to mess this up. He wants to know more about her tastes and habits, likes and dislikes before falling in love. Treats her the same in public as he does in private.

'Nice Guy' will: come on strong, move quickly, and throw blame at her if she gets cold feet. He'll jump straight to the L-word, often without knowing much more about her than surface qualities. Is considerably nicer to her when he knows others are watching.

Giving gifts: Whether a holiday or a birthday, ’tis better to both give and receive. Or so you might believe…

A nice guy will: give her something he has observed she likes or needs – or he will ask what she wants. Will not push for more acknowledgment for a gift, nor more in return, than she finds acceptable.

'Nice Guy' will: buy something showy whether she likes it or not. Demands profuse acknowledgment and a token equal in value to what he spent. Preferably straightaway.

When rejected: Yes, the road to true love never did run smooth. Ah well. Sometimes parting ways is best for all involved.

A nice guy will: keep any hurt feelings to himself, but probably avoid her in future. If other people know what happened and it comes up in conversation, he will change the subject.

'Nice Guy' will: get a few insults in on the way out the door, ‘I always fancied your friend Emma anyway!' Will phone everyone she knows after, to ensure his version of events is spread around first.

*Taking from Belle de Jour
That's all made me laugh! LOL

Sunday, April 25, 2010

...23rd anniversary, Surprisseeeee....


I'am 23rd, now...

*But when I was walking on the street, they though that I'am a student...a senior high school student or even junior high school...=(


somebody has melt me down...*again*

u know who...?




Already found this lovely CD in my bag while am home lastnight, off course with red ribbon on it, then got this notes, uhuuuu... sooo sweeet!!!

a million Thank's, Brother...

well, this's my toy lately, already finished "The Devil Wears Prada" and begin to read "Belle de Jour".

Uhuuu....I thought,
Being 23rd would be hard...

I still got long road to walk

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