Sunday, July 31, 2011

...In My Mind : Long Distance Marriage

am just thinking of many kind of relationships and also marriage relationship lately, and dunno how...all of sudden LDM or Long Distance marriage appeared on my mind...

Begin from Long Distance Relationship..
I've been in long distance relationship for half and a year ahead, before finally end up nothings
and afterwards, begin to think about how to manage my self while having a special relationship with somebody...

Knowing that I have so many dreams traveling anywhere, stay in many places and so on...I though I'll be always in LDR~those kinda relationship. Poor me, I would never have a normal relationship...

I want to travel much more, stay in Bali, Surabaya, Singapore or even the most far places from home, move from one to another island...and never stay too long in one place. And so does I'd never have a long term-normal relationship with somebody...

its funny thinking of this case..

a couple weeks ago, I've talked to my Grandmother and Grandfather
Me : "Oma, I want to stay abroad probably while am done here in Coke, Singapore seems good"
Oma : "-___-" (without any good respond) hey, when you will stay here at home with us?"
Me : Rrrrrrr..

My Grandmother always wanted me to stay at home, but typical which want to travel anywhere...i want to go there and there...
and to be honest everything much easier while I've been single...

same as relationship
I finally asked some questions

is there a guy who truly ok while having a long distance relationship with me ??
this woman wont stay too long in one place, this woman would go anywhere...

is there a guy who truly ok while having a long distance marriage, ever...??

Long Distance Marriage,
should I...?

hahaha, just #random thingy

Saturday, July 09, 2011

..just a bit quote...

Don't ever give a hope
If you cannot be responsible
You just give a ton of shit if so

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