Saturday, February 25, 2012

...short one...

well, i cut off my hair a bit short
actually want to make as short as possible but,,,

B said "I prefer a girl with long hair, no matter pretty she is, a girl looks fine with long hair"
then, allright... I just cut about 15 cm long

but that's fine...
am gonna wave it next time :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

..plan has changed??

Every single person has their own dream, both men and women. The different is…when men and women, both have a very high expectation on their dreams. Men could reach it without any limit, but women has…

This morning, I have got a message, early in the morning…

“Thesa, I would stop dreaming to reach my master plan, am afraid I would end up alone, I’ll start to find someone, and get married”

I suddenly laugh and text her back,

“Hey why you should stop dreaming, it’s ridiculous, what movie you have been seen last night, huh?”

My friend said, “Yesterday employee gathering. If I keep focusing on how to reach my master degree,am afraid there will be too late for me to find somebody”

Well, one by one…my friends, my girl-friend found their limit. Facing that being 20 something is hard, half of them end up married, choose to start to have a kids, some of them succeed married with the eligible one and continue their education to reach master degree, the other stayed and keep dreaming but again, still afraid of being too late to find their live-partner once they achieve their master degree.

I called it’s a limit. Women have so many limits in her life. Choice between…being a wife, a mother and their own dreams, achievement. A lot of women end up choosing their family instead of reach their dreams. I have one girl-friend, she was an activist, actively involved in many kinds of college-organization, critically put good comments on public policy and I still remember how my friends talked that this woman wanted to be a Politian. Time changes, she faced her reality, then being a civil servant, now…married..pregnant and stop commenting, I actually never know, is she still wanted to be a politicians like she said or actively involved to be a public policy maker…but she seems like common people…

I see my face in the mirror, afraid that I would start think like them…
In the other side, I found so many women succeed both to catch her dreams and being a good mom. Let say, Mba Media Communication Manager at Jakarta, then Syela’s Mom then… Evelyn Setiawan-Corporate Communication Agung Sedayu Group, then yap…so many women. They could still got their career, or travelling but be a good woman for their kids.

“Marriage is not the only one happiness in the world”,I said many years ago…

Yes, that’s true, I still keep it now, but with more condition and perception. “Marriage is not the only one happiness in this world, but live worth to be enjoyed with our life-partner, so we could share anything”

I have so many dreams, to get my master’s degree, travelling…I planned to get my masters’s degree before marriage, but if God wants me to married first, then what can I do…

Marriage and family are not the limit for women…that’s why we called as a multitasking person. We could take care of home, being a financial planner, chef and a carrier woman at the same time. I could still go to school while am married, but would be better if I postponed to have a kids…

So many way out, I believe there still plan b, c d e etc…

I would never stop dreaming, I trust that I will get all my dreams, one by one…its ok of being late, instead of stopping and do nothing…

Monday, February 06, 2012

...notes from meeting with him

"Speak Up so You'll be Counted"

-Bico Maxtrada, Ngopdoel, February 4, 2012

then I realized, how I listen to him that much...

thank you, Bi

you're one of my best buddy, now...

Thursday, February 02, 2012

...watercolour sketches :)

anywhere, the last is at home
accompanied by Dave Coz's Song...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

...meeting the old friends...:)

we cooked more things, sausage, meatballs and chicken :)

so happy to see them has been grew up

Juangga has took Doctor's oath
Erdi still in College, and
Dian still co-ass...and soon to be a doctor

meeting the old friends is like reviewing yourself
did you jump to high or fall too deep

am just so happy meeting them :)
thank you fella's

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