Sunday, October 09, 2011

...notes : Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2011

Soccerfield, Deli Cat Restaurant, Monkey Forest, Ubud with @miskalail

the logo is...hmm..i dunno, i don't really like it

I was waiting for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) Closing Party tonight while I wrote this notes…me and miska, We have been walking around from Campuhan to Jalan Raya Ubud since this noon. The Closing Party will be held at Blanco's Art Museum.

A..ya, Miska just already have an accident this morning, but he precisely wanted to attend one session Coffee seminars here…so here we are at Ubud, now.

Well, I’ve been spending my time at Campuhan in this 2 days and following a few session from UWRF. Ubud Writers and Readers Festival has been held since 5 to 9 October at Campuhan, Ubud. They have so many literature discussions and workshops in different places a day, from Indus, Left Bank Lounge, Campuhan College, Neka Art Museum until Casa Luna-the legendary bar and resto in Jalan Raya Ubud and also Antida and other places.That was the most expecting event by literature freak, they have so many writers coming from around the world from UK to Australia and so on…and also it has many art performances like Street Art, poems and Painting Exhibition.

I was following 1 day literature discussion in day 3rd. Together with @indira_syela we bought 1 day pass for only IDR 110k. That was interesting, but a bit confusing for me, it’s all talk about high level of literature, me? Yea I mean, I love literature but, not just that in to….hmm talking about metaphor or those sort too deep. I just got a few points of their key messages.

They have so many jasmines put in every single side of the room, smells like in a funeral ceremony…ieew…then we moved to Neka Art Museum for another shot discussion. More interesting, they were 4 writers, 2 from Indonesia and 2 from each UK and Australia.

the room with hundreds of jasmines put all over the room

I was like amaze to the Indonesian writer, Ida…. And Andreas Trevor. Ida has been stayed in Montreal following her husband, actually she was a journalist before, Andre has been traveled to Afganistan and talk most about people and culture in Afgan…I was amaze to him, well…I won’t put Afgan as my destination in traveling except for job stuff (for instance while someday I work for UN or those sort).

This’s the sentence that I’ve been quoted from them

Traveling changes the way you write…~Andreas Trevor

Yes, absolutely…and off course it’s also changes the way you thought.

I wasted my time for 2 days in Ubud, just for enjoying F.R.E.A.K Coffee and Carrot Cake and sit down for a long time just for writing…it’s obvious me…

see you next year in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

...another Story from Ubud : with @dewihanafi & @miskalail edition

Last weekend I’d a bit special weekend with @dewihanafi and @miskalail by passing Ubud from different side. Dewi is Rara’s friend and now, she had been our friends. Dewi spent about a few days in Bali while her friend-Rara was going to Jayapura for business trip.

Beginning from a plan to visit Bedugul (I’ve never been to Bedugul before), then got stuck caused of traffic *crazeeehhh*, that was the most fucking traffic that I’ve ever had in Bali in this past 8 months. Then turn to Ubud, after passed a rally-off road way (please honor me as the most extreme driver in that time!), I’ve been passed terrible sand and fucking pathway, dusty everywhere

We took the way via Sayan-where I’ve never been there before, and found many new things like F.R.E.A.K coffee which made special from one of Roasted Master (Miska said), and have a lovely-peacefully place.

F.R.E.A.K means Fun? Roasted? Enak? Arabica? Kintamani?

Look! There are a lot of painting hanging on the wall...nicee...

This's the profile from the Roasted Master, I did not notice what's his name is, but now, he's working for Bamboo School with Miska

Thus we visited Neka Art Museum, but unfortunately had no enough time to enter and explore, end up in Blanco’s Art Museum. That was the second time I’ve been there, they have a bit change on 2nd floor, the other were still the same as last year. Blanco was a breast painting freak, I though, I’ve been so embittered, probably he’s obsessed with breast, is he taste every single woman he’d been painted? Hahaha…allright forget it!

NEKA Art Museum from the front

You just need IDR 40k and have a great time to explore...

Despite we were not allowed to take some photos in Blanco Museum, I’ve captured many side inside and its studio art. We’ve been met with Mario Blanco and his son who was veryyy handsome and lovely…

Very Renaissance,am not focused on its painting , so hopefully it'll be ok to publish

Afterwards, we were did shop shop…then in a rush, brought Dewi to the airport

Well, nice weekend

Thanks to Miska and Dewi

Miska, Me and Dewi

This week I’m going to attend UBUD WRITERS and RIDERS FESTIVAL, still in Ubud

Yeaiy, have been expecting this event since last year. But, unfortunately without Thich Nath Than and Dewi Lestari, They now would bring Djenar Mahesa Ayu.
Well, am expecting to join the literature workshop, hopefully…J

...a Big MOVE...

People are afraid to say what they want, and then they don’t get what they want

I’ve been trying to seek for I’ve been wanted and stay focused of what I’ve been planning. It’s seriously a bit hard to stay consistent. If you’re afraid to say what you want, the second chance probably will be to stay consistent to your pattern. Sometimes, it’s hard, but it’s worth, just many percent of people who got what they want, the others are going river flow, accepting and dealing with reality and what natures given to them.

I’ve been so bored with daily routines sometimes, and want to catch new things in my life. I want to have a different movement and improve myself, especially in education. I desperately want to find something new in education.

Next year will be a big move for me. I’m still not sure about the plan, but my intuition said that I NEED and I MUST make a big move, because that was I’d been craving for soo much.

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