Thursday, November 18, 2010

a clothing industries

Since working with Quiksilver, my work here has been full by T-Shirt Stuff, design and quantity checking. I don’t think this’d CSR at all; everything has been start confusing since its business.

Today I put all the t-shirt received last week, arrange it on our shelves in Corp. Affairs Room, It feels like am working for clothing industries. Well, just lesson learned to manage wardrobe, huh.

The T-Shirt Project

Then, am not really enjoy my last weekend, except while I was accompanying Megan-my friends, he dropped me to my favorite bookstore, meanwhile he went to the doctor near the building. Haiaahh…I’ve been a couple hours there, and found some interesting books…truly wants to have it all, 

Bok Boss, my favourite bookstore,

Located in Dago Plaza, Bandung

I want to have it all...

Then I met my lecture, Ms. Nova, spent Saturday night together and talked about marriage and her wedding. She will married next year, so happy being a part of the team to organize her wedding. Hehehe…I have to learn how to prepare it, hehehe. Also met Ms. Nova’s brother who just already has a kid, a daughter, wiiiii….a cute baby…

Congratualtion LL...:)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's been a long

It's been a long I've never been update, okay, am kinda bad blogger.

thousand things happened...
thousand miracles has been came...
thousand beauty around my life...
thousand happiness...
a piece of sadness

I've been so busy, since my counterpart has been leaving for maternity Leave.So glad hearing your friend got a baby, a cute baby...:) *Congratulation, Ayu* And busy with more and more stuff handling the projects
We've been working with Quiksilver in PET Recycling T-Shirt Project which is definitely made me crazy with all the administration things
also, other projects like Coke Farm (which will be my final project to be graduated from this Management Trainee Things.Hopefully it goes well *amin*

I've in Bali,met my boyfriend...
soooo happy, knowing that we may just meet a few days once in 3 months...:(stupid things happened. Mushroom was just made me crazy...Let I tell you, its dangerous consume it while you're alone. I've gibbering and talk stupidly with other people while in beach...

so much things in my head, as usually...
beginning from jobs to future plans
a bit part was frustating, but another slice will be interesting...

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

In Blanco's Art Museum

In Bali Zoo

Handmade Things (Jewelry)

great time with friends

here they are
See ya...

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