Wednesday, December 12, 2012


it's already 12 december 2012, 121212
people said there would be something happened on this date
they even said today is the end of day

while this blog written on 17: 14 PM West Indonesia Time
there's nothing happened today, at least along the day, but 12 December would be end in about 7,5 hours ahead and nobody knows what's going to happen in next minutes or hours

I dont want to be concerned on the end of day thinking
but, moreover about the end of year, the end of 2012
what have been achieved or left

am, a person with plans
I expected many things I've been doing until today by imagining all those activities and achievements long time ago, perhaps since I've been teenager
am where I've been expected to be, 5 years ago...
some points left, some opportunities left, and here I'am now

Actually, I supposed to be abroad, this year
or at least toward my achievement for living abroad
but, many things happened, shit and challenge happened
at least I should be thankfull, I now could contribute my best to surrounding people, esp. my family

I should be thankfull
I shouldh push my self harder than before to get what I've been wanted

Friday, December 07, 2012 reading [book]

I already watched Life of Pi last week
and happy that it was close to my imagination
I was remember, I was read this book years ago
a bestfriend lended me this book

Fallin in love with Yann Martel's
now, I start to read Beatrice and Virgil, one of Yann Martel's as well
actually this book was my birthday present from K in 2010
there still his words written inside the book, while look at it, that's funny
K is my ex, he liked to always make me smile by giving me many presents and surprises
Beatrice and Virgil was one of it
I remembered how I requested this book as my birthday present, and he send this from Bali to Jakarta
anyway, thank you, K...and appreciate your effort, hehe

I like phylosophy, and I though Yann Martel's told a lot about spiritual and faith and phylosophy
I was remember how Piscine Patell-a major figure in Life of Pi is a uniq person with many kind of thaoughts, he learned all religion from Hindu-his former faith, Christian and Islam..

I also like Pi
I've been liking to learn many religion, from Islam, Hindu and Budha...
that's such a great experience seeing and feeling anything they doing for their religion

I recommend you to watch the movie and read these both books

Happy Reading :)

...friends heal

For me, a person who doesn't have parents anymore
friends existence is such an important and precious things
while its a big prob came
they heal...:)

These are my bestiest above
among 2 doctors and 1 students (he already graduated anyway, hehe..)
and the pregnant woman

friends are one of precious things in my life
they made me laugh...and smile...encourage me to stay strong
thanks to God
who meet me with those beautiful and uniq personality

*dear God, thanks for making me better lastnight
Cheers you agree that differences is suchkind of uniq things ?

We have 5 kind of fingers
sometime our face didnt have simetrical form
people are different, there were white skin-black skin-even tan and yellow...
there are pork and spoon which compliment each other
there are shoes and socks

every single things in this universe has its own uniq
thanks to God who create all this artsy things started from the creatures, the landscape and all the dynamics of it.
Include human...
we've been created with uniq
skin, color and racial, etnicity, culture...

I couldnt understand how people treat each other through extreme way just because of this kind of differences
Civil War happened here and there

Hhhh...tired of hearing all those issues
include simple things called discrimination in chosing a life partner
I love uniqness and differences
I've been dating many guys from different racial and etnicity
chinese, balinese, bataknese, javanese
I've  never been discriminate them

Differences are something that we used to appreciate
But it shouldn't be a big prob that fortify each other
Differences compliment each other, and add the uniq of his creatures
as long as we have goodwill, I dont think differences would trigger bigger problems

I love differences, I have so many experiences on how differences could trigger a bigger problem, am sick of people talking about differences, especially discrimination
and I wished I could do something to contribute about this issues
no matter how big or small it is,
once we have goodwill, hopefully universe conspires us to achieve this good things


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