Friday, December 31, 2010

..Happy New Yeaaaaaarrrr!!!!

As other blogger will post.
It's all about new year..


so much memories, so much fun and happiness
2010 is the beginning of my journey, I confess, there're so much adventure
begin from

Work for Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia as Management Trainee...
Experience to develop CSR Project
Living in Surabaya, even for just 2 months,
Having a boyfriend *hahahaaha*-- our first date was in Uluwatu (yeah, I claimed)
Exploring Bali, East Java including Bromo-the place I really wished to explore
Having more...more great friends...specially, my Corporate Affairs team...:)
Having many new bestfriends *how blessed me*
Begin to practice tennis and begin to love sport, *my boyfie was really encourage me in gym*
Graduated from Graduate Trainee as CSR Coordinator

What can I say...
it's all compliment


I should say that year by year, it's hard to deal with reality, and year by's a lil bit hard to list the resolution.
I should look the other resolution to write mine...:)

One thing that I should commit is DISCIPLINE...

Discipline to take care of my self
Discipline in wake up early in the morning :)
Discipline to have me time...
Discipline to achieve all the target...
Discipline in buying something, am such an impulsive buyer..

I'll keep practicing tennis anyway, because I have so much fun there
and so I will continue to discipline in doing gym...everyday!! or at least 3 - 4 times a week

I should buy Harry Potter's 6th and 7th *embarrassing, I even have not both of last book!"
I should buy Twilight and Breaking Dawn *jihihihihi*

I want to buy kind of jewelry for my lovely Granny
I want to buy kind of watch for my brother and probably drum stick

I want to be more responsible to my family, my Grandparents - about how to make them happy
and provide all things needed for my younger brother.

My self???

I need to practice English more and more, probably IELTS practice will be needed

actually, I want to get chance into Non Profit Organization such as United Nation or AUSAID.

I should buy a new brand of Notebook and Mp3...hehe
Trading Practice...

I want to go tooooo...Jogja, Lampung, Lombok, then...Vietnaaammm...*I wish*

My love life?

I just want to keep this relationship better until next year, next and next....

That's all
not much, huh?!
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