Saturday, September 17, 2011

...,more sketch

Sketched my boyfie on his birthday...

well, am not a romantic person,
but I like to capture somebody with my hand...

*with pencil and marker only

...How Could I leave Bali...?

Budha Laughing Bar, Monkey Forest, Ubud afternoon self-cofee'ing

things have been changing so fast and never stop!

Its been 8 months I've been here in Bali, live my life...
bad things happened in first 3 months, but 6th months everything seems so beautiful

Well, guys...
this's my theory...
you'll lovveee Bali in month 6th

If in previous notes I said that, I prefer big cities with city lights rather than 'nature' area (like Bali off course), its totally changed in current months!

I begin to love naturee...
I love to drive my car a long the way in Bali, where you can see ricefield, trees, green things, handicraft, art gallery, paintings, silver jewellery, Balinese dance, etc.
I loveeee the street which is not so crowd, even I hate the way they ride (people here so crazy in riding the motorcycle)
I begin to love sunset time on the weekend, while its easy for me to go to the beach, then put my earphones and read books in front of the oceans, its priceless...!!!
I begin to love afternoon time, while its easy for me to go Ubud-one of my favorite place in the world, just like now (while am writing this notes), stayed in a bar or resto, turn on my laptop and write down my mind...sketched people around *feels like am Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, hahahaha....Lebay*
Some new people begin to say "Hey, you're a balinese, right?"--- caused of my long-wavy hair
(then hair told them that am a Balinese woman, crazy!)

I've been fall in love with this place
I found so many negative things, but what can I say if its still beautiful

much thanks to the Goddes which brings me here

begin to love staying at one place is bad...I've been afraid this could be my comfort zone
People need a comfort zone to live their life...
and so do I

I need to find a comfort zone,
but NOT NOW....
am still 24, I've been climbing that much to get what I've been wanted
Its not the right time to 'meet' and live my comfort zone
its too premature, toooo early...
dangerous, if I claimed my comfort zone now in this age

I need to move...
next year, planned to continue my study, to get my Master Degree where I should get off from Bali,
Obviously, hurt to leave this Island :(

Well, I promise to take Bali with my self and my heart *say it in dramatic language :D *
someday, I don't know when, I'll get back to Bali and stay for a couple months or even years to enjoy back this beautiful Island :), meet old friends that I've been found here (hahahaha)

but before...
this girl would like to traveling anywhere, found many beautiful things in the other side of the world-where I've been living and found so many stories that I would share to Bali..

How I could leave Bali???
I should, I need to leave....
*big hug for this Island :)
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