Monday, March 25, 2013

...boredom killing...

my sketchpost...
boredom killing (again)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

...a killing time project on Behance

I finally create a Behance account
all linked to my linkedIn

check out my new account
well I just already add few of my sketches...and would add more later on



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

...Latepost : #northsumateratrip

Menara Pandang from Tele

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

Ulos I bought from Samosir

Gundaling Mountain, Berastagi

Lake Toba

Cactus I found and bought from Berastagi

So many fresh-organic fruit at Berastagi

I've been travelling much more, currently

one of them is North Sumatera
I've been there for 2 days only, stayed with friends and went to many beautiful places
Actually this's my first time travelling to Sumatera Land
sure it has a beautiful everywhere and so many mountains
I just couldn't describe how adore I'am to Sumatera's view and landscape

I went to Samosir Island in the first day, where we found Danau Toba (Lake Toba)-the largest lake in Indonesia.
There were need more than 4 hours to get there
we dropped by at "Sipiso-piso" waterfall-which has beautiful rainbow above the flow...
then passed by Tanah Karo, Bukit Barisan, Berastagi (highland in North Sumatera) and finally Tele-which has Menara Pandang or Landscape Tower-where we could go up the tower and see the beautiful view of Lake Toba.

We arrived at Lake Toba at 3 pm, stay for a while just for had lunch at Tabo Resort
along the street at Samosir, we could see the waterfall from the roadside
actually, I planned to stay for a night at Samosir...but my friends prefer to get back in the same day, so I followed them
then went to local market, bought some local fabric called Ulos (the most popular from Indonesia)
Look after Sigale-Gale-local noble's cemetery and local dolls

then crossed the lake with ferry to Prapat, it needs up to 2 hours to cross the lake
back to Medan 6 hours later at 1 am...
fyuh, such a long long and tired journey, but worth it!

Next day, we had culinary day... and city tour, cafe's and Museum Tour
I visited Rahmat Wildlife Museum-where we could find soooo many wildlife creatures and animal, from tiger, phyton from Amazon, polarbear, deer from Australia, Kangaroo, to little tiny preserved animal like mosquitos, butterfly and crustacea...great, I though there were thousand preserved animal there...(entrance only IDR 30k)

I like Medan as I love Surabaya, they have the same character of city view
oldtown but clean...
I hope I could stay in Medan for just a few months, I just love the city...:)

this month, I plan to travel to Thousand and near from my city...
gonna catch snorkeling activities and outdoor sport...


...Movie Review : A Separation between Nadhar and Simin

I watched this movie lastnight
it tooks about 2 hours with propocative plot
a persian (iranian) movie, where a couple divorced because the differences of their way of thinking

a husband who wanted to take care his alzheimer-father and wanted to stay
a wife who cares about their daughter's development and wanted to stay overseas

problem thus coming and create more and more problems
the terrible part of movie is just the ending is not that climax...huft!

a very recommended movie with good plot and ideas...
a brilliant persian movie, no wonder it won Academy Award...:)

Friday, March 15, 2013

...mood swing

Nata says that this's Monaaprilia
of course it was just a joke

"catch me"

am happy that I could wreak my bad-mood into this doodling stuff above
sometime it helps...really helps!
Am very grateful, it's such a beautiful gift from God

:) cheers

Thursday, March 14, 2013

...yes, it's hard of being simply minded person...

Dear Lalabohang,
I hope it's oke for you that I've copy your thoughts/words in your blog

"Nowadays simplicity being the one of the hardest thing to be done. We love being difficult, we love being crazy, we love being complicated. These thing become a huge trend for the whole generation. While simplicity in my humble opinion is an honest act. Honesty will always lead you to enlightment, not easy at first to say what you want and do only what you care about, but it’s worth a try. Difficulties is an absolut but being heavy is an option"

nowadays, simplicity being the one od the hardest thing to be done...
we love of being difficult and complicated
it's a heartbattle...:)

I missed of being simply-minded person...

...sketching stuff

Taken from B's pic which was I love most from his instagram...taken in Tugu Station, Jogjakarta while he take a trip to Mahameru, I dont know I just love those siluette pic.
Then tak them as the one of my sketch object

The painting which I made firstly as K's birthday present 2 years ago, time goes by, I just done it 2 days ago from now...haha
Acrylic and Marker on Canvas 40x50cm

Thought about The Queen in Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhand, ladybugs and butterfly...then here they the new species in my mind, haha
you could name it whatever you want...

Sick on holiday...
I decided to be more productive in sketching and making artwork
here they are!!
I'am in love to black and white doodling, as I start to love black and white photography currently

those painting above, which painted on canvas actually is the painting- which I firstly made for my ex-K..2 years ago, but in fact I done it 2 days ago from now...haha
Christo already book those painting, then I safe that one for him...

It's really easy to paint with marker instead of acrylic...
am still in love with opaque moreeee than transparent, then leave my watercolour materials...

*cheer up your day...

Friday, March 01, 2013

...latepost : Singapore Trip

I took a trip with friends to Singapore last January
it was such a great travelling
seeing new things...and enjoying so many games at Universal Studio Singapore, Sentosa Island

well, so many new things including new friends, then finally add up my Blackberry friends

We stayed at Shophouse Social Backpack Hotel at Arab Street,
just a up to 15 minutes from Bugis MRT Station
it cost $28/night for 12 beds female dorm

We moved from one dorm to another dorm
last night, we stayed at ABC Backpacker Hotel at Kubor Street
It cost up to $24/night, cheaper than Social House

I would recommend Social House for staying, it's clean and tidy

Our pose at Universal Studio, Sentosa Island, they were my bestfriends

we loooove our dorm rooftop, we could see so many skyscraper here

My pose at Haw Par Villa, I like this place even it's just sculpture there, so many photogenic things, we just have to walk 5 minutes from Harbour Front MRT Station

Funny sculpture at Haw Par Villa, actually there were so many Budhist and Virtue stories displayed, and I dont underdstand what this sculptures told about

Visit Clark Quay, rainbow building across the river

Hollywood Part

at Little India, we found so many great and organic fruits and veggies...nice, remind me about Ubud

My favourite Chicken Biryani found at one of Arab Restaurant at Arab Street

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...scariest thing of fallin in love

when you depending to somebody
and get lost when you loose him


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

..when your days feel so empty

wake up late...
have no spirit to start the day...
so lamee...
going to the office but you got mess...
doing this and that but blank about the purposes...

it's just about I've been feeling saturated of current condition

you walk like a zombie
without yourself been there in the place you're standing at

looking for a happiness, and
ended up in front of the computer
seeking for many flights to escape
Hanoi, Ho Chi Min, Phuket, Bangkok...
wherever that could make yourself busy and feel productive of travelling

where have me been????

Thursday, January 17, 2013

...flashback when the first time I met you...:)

Just a flashback moment when the first time I met you...
I never knew who you are...
A bestfriend told me that, she has a friend-who live just a few block from her home in the same area

Her : Ca, he smoke a lot, and I can't help of always inhaling his cigarette smoke while I was sitting beside him, he driving and smoking
Me  : I don't know which one is that guy, he smoked a lot...if you didn't comfortable with him, just dont get along with him, you still have many alternatives to get to the office without picking up by him

Until I finally knew which one is this person
a bald man, without hair (my type), yes he smoked a lot, and moreover often cuss while driving
I just laugh when he cussed while driving, I replace my friend's by sitting beside him and my friend at the back seat

until finally, we sat together in same group during company induction session
we talked a lot each other
I often follow your ride home, just because we get in to the same road
I was in relationship in that time (haha)
months never met you...
until I get back from my project and you were there in National Office,
"Hey...lets have lunch together", I said...
and we had lunch in BK with our other friend too...
I talked about my boyfriend and how hard my relationship is...
and you gave me your feedback

then...I asked you to go out...watching movies, watching the festival, the parade...
and always text you and ask about your opinion about this and that
you were so cold...
until months not met again..and I moved to Bali...
then met you again in middle of the year, you were a bit not that cold and start to be somebody to having fun with...
thus I took flight to Jakarta just to meet you, giving your request...pia legong...or whatever it is...hang out together, having quality time...
until finally, in a asked me to be yours, not that sweet but I really appreciate your honesty in that time
I hesitated, but my heart said go and get him...with all the risk, as long as we're both committed, all would be fine

I knew, it's hard for us to get into that place-where we're (ever) together, when I was yours and you're mine...
I should go anywhere and met many guys, and so did you
separate each other and finally met again...and separated (again)...

something always bring me back to you, no matter how far I go, no matter how far you're
it happened many times
and yes, took so long...

I have faith
no matter how hard it is...
I believe, that somehow, something would bring us back together

time to move on and focus to other things in the future
may my goodwill and this believe lead me to good things...
as long as I have faith


...Conspiracy Theory

Lastnight I have been have a bedtalk
well, bedtalk is something we used to talked or discused when we're already in bed...

I talked with a friend, let say he is a Freud thinking
asked me about what is wrong with you?
do you have nightmare, currently?
what's the dream about?
how often?

I stated about conspiracy theory
actually conspiracy theory has been apllied to political stuff
this conspiracy related to The Alchemist quote, Paulo Coelho

"When You Want Something, The Universe Cospires in Helping You To Achieve It"

You could call me stupid or whatever, I've been believing to this statement
It doesnt mean that if you want something you just watch and suddenly you there-in the place you want to be without doing any effort
I highlighted how our mind triggered and motivates everysingle things we do to be at the place we wanted to be

We want something, we make a pattern and justified so many efforts..
plus keep believing and praying
I believe, your subconcius would bring you approach something you want to achieve...
well this's not the exact thing, you might believe it or not
it depends on where you figure it out from your point of view

I never read 'The Secret'- the book that told a lot about this kind of view
But I do believe in Vission Board, Mindshare or whatever it is
It's not about you having a pin up posters, hanging on the wall, you watch it everysingle time you get to bed, and dreaming aboutt it...
It's about reminding you to stay focus to connect the stay in your pattern

I though it's logic enough
how do you think?

Monday, January 14, 2013

It's such belated greetings to say Happy New Year, all...

may 2012 give you more happiness and challenge
may 2013 welcome us with more lovely things and happiness as well
For me, there was something left last year
a sad thing, but...
ya, lets forget it for a while and start a brand new year with more challenge to be put on the list...

then here they are, my challenges for 2013
mostly point on Financial Saving and Getting new job and experiences...
I wouldn't forget to always put any believe (not hope) for him to get back home here in my heart
silly...but we'll see...

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