Wednesday, October 24, 2012

...Adju's Wedding

Happy for you both, Pak adju...
then wore this (actually) not a skirt..but I made it as a skirt
love the blue pink lace... things...

am, currently crushing on beauty tips such as skin care fashion and beauty make up..
I though I need to make up my self and try something new..
here below new stuff on the shelf..hehe
I tried to applied concealer and lipstick..

and waiting for new branded coral bronzer, hehe


wet shine Maybelline

Very Me Chicklit Concealer by Oriflame

Tuesday, October 09, 2012 education took important Role in build the character..

Currently, I've got so many problems with complains and protest from people around...
not targetted to me, but the company
somehow I've been sure I understand their thoughs and demand to us
but on the other hand, I saw so many uneducated people have been submitting protest without any root cause or reasonable things behind

I dealing with more people with education below the the bar line
and it's sometime make me angry inside, just because they dont get any points delivered to them
I have to admit, that people here speak without any reasonable facts
they often speake with emotions and unlogic

talking about government regulations or scientific reason to them, sometimes is a hard...hard things!
It's like we put effort to the maximum based on real fact and formal regulations, but they face us with angry...grrrr

I saw, people with low education is hard to accept the fairness..
difficult to compete fairly
and end up with demand
yep, demand and complaint and demand and complaint...and demand..again and again...

no wonder, complaint is Indonesian middle name

am sick of these probs...

Tuesday, October 02, 2012 I don't want to rely on you, you, and you...

nothing last forever...
there will be somebody or people who always available for us, but otherwise they would be gone overtime

I've been there, done that, while I had started to rely on someboy or many people around, but felt so fool knowing they have their own business thus finally leaving. It's all natural, I knew...
We're all would end up alone, so why dont we start to think that we must be independent in every single thing we've done, dependent to other people would just make us wait, and it's sucks!

Since a long time ago, I begin to rely on my self, on how to know and solve the problems. in every single thing I do...
I've been a solitaire sometime  by solve anything by myself

Allah blessed me :)

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