Friday, January 22, 2010

Farewell gift for Pitaa...:)

such an honour, Pita make this as her Profile Pic...hohoho

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Colorfull -Flowery- House by Mario Buatta many things in the room...gonna ber hard to clean it

dooling for Cariessa Agiesta....:)

Still imperfect!

stupid but make me laugh...


boredom killing!

I've promise that I have to do more doodling more and, am tryin to mix my handmade sketch with a lil' photoshop for finishing, my sketch's still bad, but I though thats better...hahaha

Dani's like a kinda gangstah...hoho

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dani while working...

Dani while working

Uhm mmmmmmmmmmm.......

Trully Inspiring

Gosh, amazing!
She's already hired as IM3 Brand Ambassador


Take a look at this pic...
What an Idiot!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Act like a little girl?

Sketch book and doodling things

Just already got a new Sketch Book, and three of doodling stuff :)
Can't be more happier than bought some stationeries and also a magazine to feed my brain Marketing things!

Happy :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Nemawashi is on!

Remembering my Undergarduate Theses, hahahaha

its almost a year ago...

miss that moment sooooooooo....

Those Haaaaaaaattttt...

(T.T) Regret that I didn't buy this kind of hat yesterday....
Should be back to the shop next saturday....

O gosh, o gosh...can't help of its greeny dress!!!

Random Post : Having Lunch at TOKO YOU-another oldschool place!

Having lunch with Eris at Friday and found another uniq places called TOKO YOU. Actually,it located near my office, but stupidly, we just already found it yesterday. Spice everywhere from Temulawak to Ginger, and I noticed about its ambience and materials built by wood and traditional things. I even found an old watch, a classic shelf made by oak and any paintings hanging on the wall and also some uniq food!

If you interested, you could visit Toko You (have built since 1947) at Jl. Dipatiukur, near Tree House. And...umm...there're also Red and White Wine if you interested for wine-ing, hehe...the noodles are good!

Gratefull Allah :)

This's the time when I've change my mind about this world. I've been passing many kinds of way for joining this life. Without Mom and Dad. Very thankfull for letting me pass all those bad things well, blessfull for keep standing still and gratefull for giving me that happiness.

Probably, I should give somebody a chance to fill in all my questions, I should give a-thing-called-LOVE, comes into my life, and let them give some pain first for happiness at the end.I should give a try for it, cause I dont want to end up alone, hahahaha...

I've decided to give my self a chance to join my life more, by limiting my work-hour and spent more times with some friends and family, giving them more happiness, knowing facts that I'v been spent time for work much more than my self.

This weekend, I went to traditional market with my Aunt and saw a lot of different things, people who strive for their lifes by trading, then saw the street-children which is an orphan or those sort, a lot of people couldn't enjoy their lives well.

I shoould give more and more happiness for people around me

Gratefull Allah...

P.s : My prioritezed pray now is, please take care of him well, so that he can be health and finish all his business well and independently. I haven't got a clue that he is the one, but I trully love him as my partner at least, wish I could do something for helping.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Peeping the truck-rare

ahaaayy...captured those words, I think I should peep those sort more often...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


so True!!


*ps : pic source from Babalisme


1. Actually, I love RED as my favourite colour at all, but Puple would be the second change...
2. I love Interior Design as much as I love art...

so, this's the correlation! Met purple on an interesting design by Tandorgan Orduevi from Macainterior.
Should I change all my stuff with this colour. I though purple will be great to show classy things and elegant, right?

We'll see, I have so many project in decoring my rooms at home


Even Jessica Alba and Drew BArrymore loves Batik...I though that I have to make some wardrobe design using Batik materials and wear Batik more often, hehehehe...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a sentence that affect me much!

Lucky am in Love with my bestfried

aahhha! It's sounds confuzing for me,actually...hoho

Adore to Gamaliel...hehehehe

Well, actually am just doing blogwalkin to DianaRikasari and found some videos of Gamaliel&Audrey, a sibling who have sooooo beautiful voice...and grab this for you, people...

I though he has the same face with Fedi Nuril...rihgt???ahahaha

Monday, January 11, 2010

Such a funny Videos...!

Gosh...I've been laugh!!! LOL

SalahGaul 1 1/2 Perfume Tricks! from benazio rizki on Vimeo.

Visit BenaBlog for further fucking funniest stuff!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

COCACOLA advertising

Hiaaaaawww....Syela show me the difference of these advertising...interesting!

Indonesia Version

nice...great concept with different style, they has their own uniq

Saturday, January 09, 2010

For you people, who love working very much!

knowing facts that I really masocist in working, somebody gave me this words, hahahahaha...
I know how I love working very much!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

One of COOL-TWO THUMBS UP! Home Construction

Just got this from Andika, my office-mate

Great home construction, WHAT AN ART!!!!

Yippie....I got this!!!

Eriz, my partners showed me this link and am just so happy...:)

Thank's Paris Van Java for put our Indtravel Twitter on your site, glad to see that!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Shopping time

Shopping on the weekend, precisely on 2nd Jan 2010
Have a great time with Windi through lunch together and dim-sum'ing, hehe. FYI, there was the very first time I consumed Dim-Sum, and I though am gonna love it!!! Its healthy and has a good taste!

And also, met my partners, Dani ,Ijal and Megan at Ngopdoel, and at last....

Its such an AMAZING Movies...I always like Sherlock Holmes

ps : thanks for Windi by accompanied me shopping...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Random photos

Found some pic on my facebook and realize that I looooove those sort...:)

miss that moment soooooooooo...

It reminds me about my Mom...

Jewel, break me...

Monday, January 04, 2010

doodling wishes

Well, I knew, am not really good in doodling, but I always try to be better in sketching day by day. Knowing fact that sketching depend on mood, sometimes I were failed! It's ok...

My Dad told me that,"ORANG BISA KARENA BIASA, BUKAN KARENA BAKAT", means u can do anything if u want it, and dont forget to practice more often. That's what I did!

Remember what Paulo Coelho's told

"When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream"

I want draw these stuff!!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010's Annual Plan

I went no where on New Year's Eve, its because have a lil sick lastnight, just watching tv with my Granny and watched fireworks, thats beautiful!

Goodbye for 2009!!
I have so many plans wanted to be realized on 2010...from working hard, to go abroad, fyuh!

Random Post : meeting with friends and lecturer :)

Met my partners and lecturer, Honhon-Megan-Adit-Haikal and his friend *sowwy I forgot her name*, Reza, at Mrs. Poppy's house on Tuesday for having a dine together, discussing and conseptualized ITF program.

We're all talked about Century Cases with some friends from Economic Faculty, nice and well informed much. Besides, Ms. Nova and Mr. Harlan.

I took some pictures there, Mrs. Poppy's house is such a classic one, I though it built when the dutch colonized Indonesia. And so does, there're a lot of antique things, such as classic bed, Powdering desk, and.....well, Ms. Poppy well known as the one of Indonesian Animator in 1980-1990's. She has produced a lot of artworks. I could find many articles told about her in the livingroom, and also found a lot of painting in surrealism like Filiphine's kind of comic. She's very talented and has build a animation studio, but unfortunately it didnt appreciated here, in Indonesia...many years afterward, it closed and Mrs. Poppy began to open the antique shop.

Her living is such a very old house. Me and my friends often spend our time for meeting here, there was a kind of dining room which has a huge old-table with cozy lighting. Very comfortable to have some chit-chat or meeting.

and....the point is Megan, Honhon, Reza, Dani and I have some plan to go to Korea-Japan-Taiwan-Hongkong this year. No...its not for holiday, we've plan to promote Indonesian Tourism :). Now, we're in conseptualizing our program, activities, funding, etc...
Wish us luck!
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