Tuesday, November 22, 2011

...weekender | skecthing stuff | My Self

in Ecco Pigment 0,1 mm, Legian Beach

Sketching my self (u know its quite harder than sketch anyy other objects)
in Ecco Pigment 0,1 mm (just realized, I have one Ecco Pigment in my stationery case)

I would like to remake this sketch with Photoshop, mine was crashed
want to post as 30 days sketch challenge

okay, will come up with other sketches


Monday, November 14, 2011

...weekender | skecthing stuff @indira_syela

Office, late working hours


you know, while you feel soo bad and feel empty of being living thousand miles away from home, doing your passion, hobbies or whatever you'd call it, its all could make you survive...or at least, let say..make you keep breating instead of feling pain and then collapse...

This's what I've been doing on my last weekend...
Go to the beach for sunset and sketching my friend.It was really help me for at least to boost my mood...
Currently, I really tempted to try Watercolour media for sketching activities, then bought a pack of Watercolour pencil last friday. Then here they are...

This's @indira_syela :)

I know this's not that good, but I really enjoy of using watercolour,

before I was convenient to use pencil, charcoal and marker rather than watercolour.

I've ever tried acrylic aplicated on canvas, its nice and have such a 3D effect. I used to applied painting knife to put the acrylic. I prefer acrylic rather than oil one, because its more easy, just put some water, done...

I've ever tried crayon and pastell...its gorgeous, showed dominant colour, but yea... leave pastell and move to other media

I've ever tried charcoal, but not that good in applying it...

the simple one is pencil and marker at the same time :)

weekender Seminyak Beach, Sunset Time

well, we have a great saturday at least...
I'll show you more of my sketches..I though I would be more productive
believe that by doodling, it would reduce my stress...*poor*

see you on another post
anyone who want to be sketched?? hehehe
PING me...email me...notes me...anything
would be glad to serve you


Friday, November 11, 2011

...another hidden passion

I want to be

an architect


...watercolour or what??

I did really wondering what's materials does he used to draw...


interesting, I've never been yet try watercolour materials , am not really good of playing with the brush. Just sometimes playing with acrylic-- using painting knifes

hmmm....should try

Thursday, November 10, 2011

..from PR Officer to Sales Representatives, Distribution and...end up with Art Design Things...

turtle stickers

Sticker for our GDM

dedicated for an A Board *wrong spelling*

too much work...

We only have 1 person in charge for art design

so, have to made by my own self sometimes for small projects

what a mad job...

but at least, I'am doing design, something that I passionate on...:)

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