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Reminiscene from 2014 : Gasped During Our Visit to Gardens By The Bay Part I

Ola Singapore!

My favorite city (so far)
It's nice to meet you again. As I have stated before that I heart this city, I love how they manage the excellent infrastructure and property...and the technologies with IoT (Internet of Things), easy access to get anywhere with easy direction! Ah, I love all these convenience...

My pray to have a permanent residence is getting harder year by year..:p Although, as we know that the living cost is quite high, but that's oke. If the living cost is high, there will be a way to get a better job with better income.

I was there for 4 days, for business trip purpose and then extended to weekend. It was nice to meet other member of my company from South East Asia and Oceania, we have one day workshop reviewing 2014 activities and sharing the improvement of social investment program for next year.

Alright, what I pointed here is the extended days where me and my friend had so much fun and edu-trip.

My happiness started from had my fav dish for dinner at Al-Tasneem Restaurat located at...I forget, it's in Arab Street area at the junction. Have been missed the chicken briyani and it's tarik tea. I was so happy came back there!

We called us as a park hopper and museum explorer. Asian Civilization Museum is our first destination, they have excellent infrastructure and display and off course collections from across Asia. We found Batak Sculpture exhibition which showcased the magic sculptures and megalithic equipment. I like the museum, the display is good and the information is well-prepared enough. I saw many guys sitting in front of the museum, doing doodle things...interesting!

What we found at Asian Civilization Museum, Batak Sclupture Showcase and The traditional gun from Indonesia

The Whislist Board inside the Museum

#selfie pictures at The Museum :D

Then, we walked around Merlion like a tourist (we're trying to adapt and act like Singaporean :)) ), cross over the river to Marina Bay Sands and get to Gardens By The Bay.

Giana is my high-school happy that finally he came by for holiday with me

Well then, asshhhh....I madly amazed to The Gardens Bay The Bay- I couldn't resist to gasp during our visit. As you have been experienced by yourself, Gardens By The Bay consist by 2 domes, quite hugeeeee domes with excellent infrastructure and eco-life management. My favorite plants is Baobab- the tree looks like a bottle brought from Africa.

I will recommend all people to come to visit Gardens by The Bay (make sure you bring your kids here instead of take them to Orchard for shopping and spending purpose :p), as this place showcasing so many education things especially sustainable management and eco-life. I amazed how the engineers has dedicated their ideas and mind to establish and manage this facility, how they manage the temperature inside the domes, how they create another tools like The Super Tree Grove to catch the raindrops which used for watering the plans inside the domes, yap..and all the facilities which linked with one another. I imagine, somehow in the future we will establish this kind of things (the artificial eco-life) and use it as a habitable place to life for humans like we seen in Elysium Movie.

The road to Gardens By The Bay via the bridge at Marina Bay Sands

What we found inside the dome

Me and My Fav tree, Baobab :D

The christmas ambience inside the dome, that's cute!

We have our Saturday night at Esplanade, ah I like it..finally I have my sat night here. We took a detour from Marina Bay Sands passing Art Science Museum to Esplanade, had our dinner at nearest Food court beside the building and watched an Arabic band performances. I wish we could stay longer at Esplanade as they have so many art performances from around Asia, but unfortunately it was too night already and the theater has closed.

The Falls inside The Could Forest Dome

The Cloud Forest

The Ultimate Super Tree Grove

The Arabic Band Performances at Esplanade

To be continued with our biking activity at Ubin Island
Most of photos here, taken by Giana

Gardens By The Bay SG$ 27 for visiting 2 domes

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