Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nature vs Urban Life

Its sunday morning, I wake up so lazy...
Beginning from remembering Smesco Building (I have no reason for it),
Then crying caused by missing my grandmother (sooo childish) and
Begin to check check my blackberry, twitting and decided to write down something...

Why Nature and Urban Life ?
Well, this's about me which grew up close to nature, where I've been life at the side of my town and really enjoy my life around green village.
When I was kids, I imagine if I living in a nature side, ricefield or even having a house in tea garden, that would be so peaceful.

I have try took those kinda life by living in Bali, now. Where I can find ricefield anywhere and go to the beach every single day.It supposed to be happiness for me, I have been reached to live close to nature.But the fact was...-___-

Well, I just already realize, I hate of being living in a village...

I begin to miss Jakarta or Bandung, where people walk so fast, and I love the hit
I love to see the architecture of skyscraper and building
I love urban stuff, minimalist design and its lifestyle...:)

huaaaah, I just want to get back to my previous life
But, probably the story will be changed if having a live in Yorkshire or some village in Canada, hahaha...

Saturday, May 07, 2011

...a tiny update


he already graduated since early April 2011...
happy for him
best luck for his next step...:*

...this's why I love Bali...

  1. Because I can enjoying La Plancha while sunset, weekday's sucks, than weekend should be perfect, and La Plancha is one of the answer;
  2. Driving along side the sea or rice field and hearing Kings of Convenience, soooo heaven;
  3. Going to Ubud much more often, hang out and Sukawati...hahaha well, am a woman and like to shop cheap things

La Plancha for weekend

I dont really like beach but hell yeah..should deal with this

and i turn to be tan, hahahaha

...while your wishes come true...heads up!

been so loong...

well, guys, I've been moving to Bali since this early year
then, here I'am

most of my wishes come true, one by one...

I wished to live far from home, then here I'am, now...thousand miles away from home
I wished for a very busy work, then here I'am, now...working from early morning 'till night
I wished for living in Bali, then here I'am, in this island
I wished for a job that I passionate on, then here I'am, working as a CSR person
I wished for a good enough salary as fresh graduate, then here I'am now...its all good enough

Then now, I really believe, that all your wishes will come true since you believe it...
Like Paulo Coelho said,

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

*well, I keep those principal far before "The Secret" published, hahahaa

But, how about, all your wishes has came, while you there in live in your dream, then you think that its all don't make you happy...?

Apparently, I've been changed my mind about the 'previous me'

In the past,
I really passionate to be a workaholic (soooo lassst year while am in college);
I really passionate to dedicate my self for working;
I really wanted to live far from home and traveling wherever I want;

I don't to push my self so hard for working, total and focus would be great, but I'll consider, if its worth or not for my self and my family,, I begin to be care (more care) to my family. In the past, I was thinking of (just) my self, and ignored them. People has their own live objectives and so do I, seems that I have to focus on what I've been looking for (before).

I want to balance my life, working-family-my self- love life...hahaha sounds silly, but in fact that's quite hard to balance it, knowing that my job's very2 demanding.

From very passionate to work from 8-9 (at night), now I begin to wished to be home earlier, so I can take care of my home-eat RIGHT, yes eat well and right-not in a rush (I breakfast in a rush while heat my car in the morning), then probably blogging, then reading...and sleep earlier (so I can wake up well).

From hate to be married (I've planned to be married at 30's before), I begin to think about married earlier, probably 3 years earlier than before :D. I begin to hate of being standing alone above my feet, I need to share my life with somebody, for happiness of course.

apparently, I've been not that into my passion. CSR's not supposed to be the one I passionate on, art would be great to be explored!

I know life isn't always good, shit happens and we have to dealing with people around, but in the end I felt that am not really doing what I've been wanted.

So, my mission now is


God bless me :)
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