Thursday, May 10, 2012 life

nu life means :
  1. develop Coke Farm and The Farming Workshop
  2. reinovate my room and home
  3. finding my previous me :)

..getting back home is not always that easy

Well, here I’am now

Trapped in a town called Bandung. Yap, my hometown…I thought I wouldn’t be here anymore (for staying) for the rest of my life, I thought I will jump up higher by going abroad or something. But, unfortunately am back home…

If last year, I really wanted to get back and take my second degree…yes, I told you before in my previous post while I was at ubud, Budha Laughing Bar..That, I really excited to get back to Java Land…and continue my study. Time past by so fast…many things changed in just a few months.

I proposed to move since October, then not approved because of this and that…it was disappointed and a bit frustrated. Then a few months later, they coming back home! It was so easy…except for many things I have done before leave Bali.

Believe me, it’s not that easy by coming home. I mean, I have been leave this hometown since 2,5 years ago and survive independently. Living alone, get along with more friends, learn how to drive well, see different things…it was all amazingly change my mind, grown me up…

I always expect to jump up to the higher place, more far destination with uniqueness and meet the stranger. Sometimes it’s hard, but the challenge was grown me up..That’s exactly the way for me to thankful for all he has been created.. differences’, religion and rights, people habit, cultural things…excitement in the beginning and bored in the middle and excited again…fabulous!

Many complicated problems have occurred since coming back here. Starting from my fight with grandparents…vision…home appliances, interior placing, privacy…Its funny when realize that, actually that is our home, the place where I interact a lot with the family, the place where they (my grandparents) were hold me and the place where I dropped my stuff while my room at dormitory overloaded…the place what I missed while miles away from it.

By staying here, yes I feel so secure, helped by many people and being cared by family, but feels like step behind…

Arguments with the family is annoying.

Well, ya, ok..there will be plus minus…get some loose some

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